I Believe!

In a recent blog my best friend, brother, and colleague Josh Hale asked the question “What is it like to be a priest, a prophet, a preacher, a pastor, a parson?” it was interesting that he asked the question because I have been asking it about myself in the last few weeks. What is like and what does it mean? Why do I do what I do each day? What does it mean to feel called to it?

I agree with Josh that most of us do a poor job at describing our vocation. Complaining, sharing “war” stories and whining does not help those called to answer that call. In fact for many it’s probably a big turn off when they hear pastors describing what they do in such negative ways.

I do what I do because I believe! I believe in the transformative power of the gospel. I believe in the amazing empowerment of the Spirit that the gathering called the church has to carry out God’s vision in the world. I believe that some of us have been called by God to lead God’s people into that fullness into God’s own work. I believe that the work is grounded in the incarnation as we become the body of Christ for the world. I believe passionately . . . maybe at times to my detriment.

All of this to say that I believe in the church and in its power to be God’s agent in the world. Every church has that response-ability in their own community where ever they are. I believe in our own congregation Squyres UMC and in its potential to be this kind of transformative community in this place. I Believe . . .

Peace, Juan+

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