Books by Juan Huertas

The Marks of Hope

Headlines in The United Methodist church today include words like “division,” “death tsunami,” and “Affinity Group X vs. Affinity Group Y.” So, where does one find hope in The United Methodist Church today?

The Marks of Hope, written by three UMC parish pastors, demonstrates that the church can be a hopeful model in a world affected by changes in understanding and expectations related to gender, technology, justice, mission, social entrepreneurship, etc. Each chapter concludes with a “communion” section jointly written by the authors to present ideas for working together as leaders, lay people and congregations to be a model of hope. The authors outline practical steps to hold each other close with mutual love and accountability.

The Sanctuary for Lent

The Sanctuary for Lent 2019, contains brief readings for each day in Lent, including Scripture, a short devotion, and a brief prayer. These daily readings help readers faithfully journey Lent as they prepare to experience the joy of the Resurrection. Sold in packs of 10, the booklets are designed to fit in a #10 envelope, enabling churches to include them in Lent mailings, especially for those unable to attend services, and making it easy to mail to visitors or share as a part of homebound or prison ministry.

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