Following Money or Following Jesus?

“We are more interested in making money than following Jesus” Chad Myers

We are constantly bombarded with our need for stuff. From the moment we wake up in the to the time we go to bed there is the constant buzz that tells us that we need, we need, we need! Cars, jewelry, gadgets, the latest this or that . . . we need these things to be human, to be successful, to be part of the “american dream.”

Often in the church we are no different. We want stuff that will help us, make us comfortable, and will make us feel better. All of this wanting (turn to needing to make us feel better) causes us to loose focus and blinds us to the real needs in us and in our world.

Then comes the teaching of Jesus . . . the last shall be first, the poor will inherit the kingdom, the powerful will be brought down and the lowly will be lifted up, those who are in darkness will be given light, those who are proud will be humbled.

Jesus shows us (directs us towards) our real need! Our need for community, our need for connectedness, our need for something larger than ourselves.

Jesus turns us from a constant concern over ourselves, our needs, our wants, our desires, our consumption. To a concern over the needs of the world, their hurts, their illness, their need for new life.

Jesus transforms us from consumers to producers, from takers, to givers, from needy, to fulfilled, from broken to whole.

All of this means that this gospel is needed in the world. We need to support and work towards a sustainable economy, a just economy, an economy that is centered on the management of God given resources for the life and redemption of the world.

As we do this, as we become this, we become witnesses (agents, catalyst) of the ministry of Jesus in the world.

Peace, Juan+

P.S. Coming soon “Catholicity & Locality: The Church as Many Gifts but One Spirit”

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