After the Storm

We are blessed that all is well. No damage, no leaks, no rebuilding. Others were not so lucky. All our people are back and we are trying to settle into our lives and continue the work of ministry in this community.

After a storm there is normally a time of evaluation. Experts weigh in on the damage, they asses it and plan for reconstruction. Property owners try to determine if they will rebuild, those who do not own wonder if they will come back. Decisions have to be made after a storm.

Although we did not suffer damage I believe we can also take this opportunity for evaluation. I wonder what God is calling us to? What is God’s invitation to us? What do we need to change and what do we need to continue doing?

In one of my current reads Leading Beyond the Walls, Adam Hamilton says that churches need to ask themselves three questions:

1. Why do people need Christ?
2. Why do people need the church?
3. Why do they need this particular church?

(Abingdon Press; 2002, p 21)

These are wonderful questions. We need to ask them, answer them and act on them. We need to be open to what God is leading us into as a community of faith. Vibrancy, mission, zeal are important to those who follow Jesus, the one who is with us in the midst of the storm and the one who calms it.

Others need to hear about it!

Peace, Juan+

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