Why We Need Jesus

Urgency is at the core of evangelism. We evangelize because we believe that, as the song says, people need the Lord! The deeper that our relationship is with our creator the more convince we become of this important fact. The more we minister to people and become attentive to their needs the more aware we become of their need for God.

Christianity in some circles has become so obsessed with belief that it hase painted itself in a corner. We have separated ourselves from “others” who are sinful, wrong, evil. We have become modern day pharisees. Many in contemporary society view Christians as out of touch, hypocritical, and prejudiced. In response to these concerns some churches have gone to the extreme of removing all semblance of church in their building and in their message hoping that this way people might reconnect with God (a Christianized “bait and switch” technique). Other churches have gone the other extreme, they have strengthened their “positions” and have declared themselves the faithful remnant, those that do not agree with their positions are just sinful, evil people, especially if they claimed to be Christian. No wonder so many unbelievers are so confused! We continue to fight amongst ourselves instead of reaching out to others.

In light of all of this why do we need Jesus? In the early chapters of Genesis we receive the answer: we need Jesus because left to our own devices we are not going to love others, creation, or really ourselves (that’s what we call sin). Left to our own devices we are easily deceived into thinking that the fruit before us is better than the fruit of relationship to God and other people (here is sin again). Left to our own devices we are unable to satisfy the longing for something larger than ourselves (this longing is what Wesley called previnient grace).

Jesus is the one that bridges the gap between sinful (broken, sick) humanity and a holy God (creator, sustainer). Since God in Jesus took our form, remained sinless (while eating and drinking with sinners), and finally was able to conquer sin (through resurrection) then humanity is able to be restored to what God intended, restored to being God’s image in the world.

Here is the urgent message: You too can be restored! You too can find life! You too can find community!

See you on Wednesday . . .

Peace, Juan+

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