What are we creating?


One of my practices when I begin anew appointment is to read as much about the history of that congregation as possible. I’ve climbed on attics, dug through old file cabinets, and called previous pastors, all in an effort to get a sense of the DNA of that community of faith.

What I have found has been a treasure throve of energy, inspiration, and dreams. It is obvious that from the beginning we have talked about making a place, about loving those who might normally feel unloved, and to become a healing community.

“We are a church who is about creating a generation of missionaries who will be able to reach out and touch a world that is broken and hurting.”
Rob Weber, Founding Pastor
from “Challenges and Opportunities: State of the Church Address 2003”

This past weekend we rehearsed the story of creation. We were reminded that God is still at the work of creating and recreating. We also said that an important part of our work is to tell our story again and again for in telling it we are able to get a clearer picture of God’s vision for our future.

As we get closer to this weekend I want us to begin thinking about what it means for us to be missionaries who “touch a world that is broken and hurting?” I believe that the vision that our founding pastor voiced over a decade ago is still at the center of our calling.

Living into that vision can at times be put to the test and seem lost. The story of faith reminds us to hold steady, to remember our identity, and to trust God. Only when we let go of our ideas, preferences, and plans can we be open to what God has for us.

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