Unlocking the Dream: Dreams Coming True

This week we are reaping the harvest that we have been watering and tending for the last few weeks. Conversations about money are always difficult; they force us to deal with our struggles with security, our sense of scarcity, and our insatiable desire for more.

Time and time again Jesus reminds us that how we invest our financial resources says something about what we treasure. This is why Paul tells us:

Giving grows out of the heart—otherwise, you’ve reluctantly grumbled “yes” because you felt you had to or because you couldn’t say “no,” but this isn’t the way God wants it. For we know that “God loves a cheerful giver.” God is ready to overwhelm you with more blessings than you could ever imagine so that you’ll always be taken care of in every way and you’ll have more than enough to share.

2 Corinthians 9:7-8 (The Voice)

Blog 2 editGod is ready to overwhelm us with a fruitful future, are we ready to invest in it?

I invite you to invest, in the dreams of this community called Grace and in your own growth as a disciple of Jesus. I know that God is calling, empowering, and challenging us as we lean into the future that lies ahead.

Most importantly I invite you to pray for what God is calling your family to invest, to offer, and for God to continue showing us the way as a congregation. My prayers are with you as we prepare to come together this weekend, open the vault, and offer our investment in the dream to almighty God.

Can’t wait to see our dreams come true!

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