Relate: Some Closing Thoughts

This morning we had a blessed time as we were challenged to relate all that we encounter with God. It is hard to share what God is doing in our lives but if we allow the Holy Spirit to inspire us we will find ourselves with no other choice but to share the Good news.

madewithOver (3)This week I pray that you are able to recognize God at work in you.┬áPay attention to the rhythms of your soul as you go about your everyday, notice how God’s love guides you to respond differently to your love one, neighbors, friends, coworker, and to your environment. Notice the fruit of the spirit at work in you and through you.

As you notice God at work in you notice how you begin to see the other as God’s child. This is an amazing and miraculous thing that takes place: the more that we grow in God’s love, the more that we grow in our love for the other, especially those that disagree with, dislike, or see as threats to us and to our way of seeing the world. This movement is essential if we are to be a people who are becoming like Christ.

Each day this week take the time to assess your day. Take 5 minutes to think about the places, situations, and encounter that gave you life, that strengthened you, and that made your day better. What was it about those things that made them so pivotal in your day, so important to your soul? Then give thanks to God for those opportunities for they were God moments in your day. Then take 5 minutes to think about places, situations, and encounters that were not life giving (at our house we call those “lows”), that made you upset, question your identity, that did not make your day better. What was it about those situations that had this effect on your soul? What can you do to be reconciled? Is forgiveness needed? What would make the situation whole again? Then lift these concerns to God and allow room in your prayer to hear God’s voice.

I look forward to hearing what God shows you during the week. I also look forward to hearing how your practice of God’s presence begins to make a difference for God’s kingdom wherever you find yourself. I pray for all of you everyday and I’m thankful to be in this journey. I’ll see you next weekend!

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