On Thirty-Three

Those that know me well know that I am not a huge birthday person. My personal preference is for the day to go by with as little mention of this birthday thing as possible. It was easy to get away with this stance before children but once Seth entered our lives everything changed. ¬†Seth forced me to get in touch with my silly side (I actually have one), to get on the floor, to lighten up. And on days like this, the kids enjoy “surprising” me with gifts, with cake, and with “Happy birthday to you . . .” (even little Lucas joined in the fun).

Before they came into my life I was not a very playful person. In fact I was way too serious and had a really hard time relaxing and connecting with children. I’ve been kind of old for a long time, I was a serious child, a serious teenager and I spent my college days selling men’s suits. I was probably the only freshman in college who showed up at his 8 am class wearing a three piece suit!¬†Games, play, relaxation did not come naturally and in some ways it is still something I have to be intentional about. But play is important and for me it should be part of my spiritual discipline¬†repertoire.

I am thankful that this year’s birthday gifts did not include theology books, bill paying, or work attire (although I have considered buying another bow tie ;-)) Instead I was gifted with Legos, video games, and thanks to a gift from my in-laws, some books of poetry.

I am blessed beyond belief. I am thankful for my family, for friends, and for the joy of being a husband & father. So on this birthday I promise to play more, to get on the floor, to be silly, and to let the laughter of my children become contagious!

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