On Thirty-Seven


I come from a long line of survivors,
thrivers, perseverers,
and life-warriors.

I come from surprise,
the ellipsis of life together,
from rainy weather,
and joyful cries.

I come from rhythm,
from fast talk,
slow walks,
and “stayin’ with’em.”

I come from mystery,
attuned to awe, wonder,
pruned stories, made to answer,
and students of history.

I come from dreamers,
seers of another way,
ears to another whisper,
and justice screamers.

I come from lovers,
of all people, no matter the stories,
from mourners of the heartbreaks,
and pointers to the peace that hovers.

I come from thirty-seven,
from years of being companioned,
shaped by community and solitude,
and hopeful for earthly heaven.

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