On Living Churches

Recently a lay leader at Squyres told me about a quiz he was giving his students the next day. The quiz was about the Five Characteristics of Living Things:

  1. Are organized or have an orderly structure.
  2. Respond to their environment- this includes homeostasis: mantaining proper internal conditions.
  3. Take in and use energy.
  4. Grow and develop: individual cells grow and the organism grows by adding new cells – over a lifetime, living things develop and change.
  5. Reproduce.

Upon hearing these characteristics a “light bulb” went on and theological senses heightened. Here is my version of the theological characteristics of living churches:

  1. Are Community: are organized and structured communally.
  2. Are Missional: Respond to their environment.
  3. Are led by the Spirit: Take in and use the Spirit’s power.
  4. Are Maturing: grow in & develop their discipleship (sanctification).
  5. Are Reproducing: make disciples by sharing the good news with others.

So is our church “alive?” What can we do to make sure that it is? What are your thoughts?

Peace, Juan+

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