In a recent congregational letter I invited our members to journey with us. For those of you who know me this will not be a surprise. I am one who has been deeply formed by the idea of life as a journey, especially as a person of faith.

I have been on a journey my whole life. I have moved many times, went to many different schools, different churches, and have met many wonderful people. There have been heartbreaks along the way but by and large it has been a wonderful life. In fact, I would not be who I am if I had not been on those “adventures”(as my family sometimes refers to our travels).

Being on a journey is an intentional decision. You prepare for it and within it are always aware of where you are, taking it all in, knowing that at every point God is there guiding, prodding, and inviting.

In baptism we have been initiated in a communal journey. Our walk is not solitary but instead it includes all the faithful from the beginning of time. That community takes shape in our worship on the Lord’s day as we gather around font, word, and table. In the gathering of God’s people we rehearse what it means to be on this journey, what it means to be in it together.

I am thankful for the many who have walked this journey with me. Father and mother who got me started, a sister who was an early companion, now a wife and children who walk with me hand in hand. There have also been others: friends, colleagues, teachers, mentors, and strangers. All have been companions, all have been Christ for me at different times, all have made a mark in my life.

God is constantly inviting us to be part of this great adventure that we call a life of faith. I wonder if we will take God on that invitation? I wonder if we will join him and the community of faith in this journey?

Peace, Juan+

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