In Memoriam

Anniversaries are important. They are markers of important events in ones life. In celebrating them we acknowledge that the event left a permanent marker in our lives.

This is the anniversary of Garrett’s death. I can’t believe that a year has passed by. . . so much has changed since that day. I am sure that none of our lives have been the same for this one event has marked us forever.

The Christian faith is one of resurrection! We believe that Christ conquered sin and death and because of that we too can conquer it. We believe that those that have gone before us are part of the great communion of saints, those that are already living the fruits of resurrection. We believe that when we gather around the table that communion gathers with us once more as we celebrate the mighty acts of Jesus Christ.

Garrett you have been with me all this time and will be with me always. Every time I celebrate Holy Communion I am reminded that you are there celebrating with us (maybe now paying a little more attention 😉 Every time I kneel down to give bread and wine to any child, I am reminded of those big eyes and little hands ready to receive. I was honored to be your pastor.

On this anniversary I thank you for reminding me of God’s call in my life. I thank you for being God’s messenger in the midst of the most difficult time in the lives of so many.

We miss you!

Peace, Juan+

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