Don’t Worry!

“Do not worry about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your request be known to God.” Philippians 4:6

It’s not easy for me not to worry. In some ways its part of my nature. There are so many needs around me and sometimes there is little I can do about those. Listening to the talking heads on television makes it worst . . . the needs of the world are even more overwhelming. But what if there are good reasons to worry, to be concerned?

For the last few weeks we have watched our economy go on a nosedive. Financial institutions have failed, markets have tumble, and people are anxious. The price for basic necessities continue to go up and our salaries remain the same. Many are losing their jobs and others are losing their pensions. These are worrisome times.

Our faith teaches us not to worry instead to bring our concerns to God. This is not a simple “just pray and it will get better.” Instead is a re-prioritizing connection to the one who gives us what we need.

Worry does not help us in any way. Politicians, economist, and other “experts” just add to the anxiety. Their opinions and solutions are obviously not rooted in the ethics of Jesus. They are not rooted in the struggles of the least, of the needy, of the voiceless. They are not rooted in simplicity and in the sharing of resources. Instead the main concern is on saving big corporations, getting them back so that they make more money and somehow have that money trickle down to those who work very hard each day to make a living. If worry does not help neither does our reliance on these leaders.

I’m making my request to God. I am acknowledging my own greed and desire for more. I am relying on the one who has never left me. I am depending on the one who created the world.

As for the crisis . . . it will continue until we begin to deal with the source of the problem (an ethic incompatible with the Gospel) and we change our ways (repent) and begin to live in new ways (the way of Jesus). In the meantime we will continue to do “the things that [we] have learned and received and heard and seen.” (Philippians 4:9) We will continue to proclaim the Good News of Jesus in the midst of the storm.

Thanks be to God!

Peace, Juan+

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