Bible in 90 – Day 84: Reviving God’s Gift

Because of this, I’m reminding you to revive God’s gift that is in you through the laying on of my hands.

2 Timothy 1:6

©2010 Todd Rossnagel

I am thankful that “laying of hands” became the sign-act for the Christian community to pass on the Holy Spirit to a new generation of leaders. It expresses blessing, care, nurture, and passing on the faith. I am also reminded of this special gift each time that I confirm people in the faith and lay my hands on them, calling the Spirit upon them for the work of discipleship.

Today I spent the afternoon on day one of our Discerner’s Academy. This weekend is an opportunity for people to explore a call to ministry in Christ’s church. Each time I am amazed at those who come, searching for God’s voice, ready to hear and act on it.

One of the common threads is my constant reminder to those discerning that the call of discipleship requires constant discernment. God is calling us each day to live the way of Jesus and to live in this way requires a discerning Spirit.

Those that gather here truly “revive the gift that is in me.” Their stories, struggles, and excitement remind me of my calling long ago. Their energy, passion, and imagination freshen up my own and reminds me to be open to new dreams, new possibilities, and new ways to lead God’s people into God’s kingdom making mission.

All of God’s people through their baptism have been set aside to be about God’s mission in the world. Let us all reclaim the gift that is in us! And let those of us set aside for the work of leading faith communities always remember the heavy hands upon us that granted us a “double portion” of God’s Spirit for the work of leading God’s people.

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