Bible in 90 – Day 40: Lament

You turned my lament into dancing,
you undid my sackcloth and girded me with joy,
that [my] whole being might sing hymns to You endlessly;
O Lord my God, I will praise You forever.

Psalm 30:12-13

Life sometimes takes a turn on us. Tragedy, accidents, or just sadness can happen in our lives. How are people of faith to respond to times like this? Should we “fake” it? Should we ignore it? Should we not bring it to God?

The psalmist reminds us again and again that God wants to hear our plight. Sadness, struggle, lament have an important place in our prayer life and in our worship. I believe that is only when we bring our whole selves before God that God can transform, sanctify, bless where we are so that we can be lifted up!

So let us lament . . . let us called upon the Lord with our whole selves, bringing our whole story. I think then, our lament might turn into dancing, our sackcloth into joy, our whole being singing endlessly to the one that is with us along the way.

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